Welcome to Kosmo Films, your One-Stop-Shop for high-end car commercials and branded content.


In 1997, Kosmo Films was founded in Los Angeles by director Nina Gwyn Weiland and DoP Sebastian Weiland as a full service production company with the goal to globally produce high-end imagefilms and commercials. Since 2009, Kosmo Films focuses on high-end content for automotive brands like TVCs, Product Film Assets and Branded Content. Clients we have worked for in the past years: Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Maserati, VW and many more.

At Kosmo Films, we understand ourselves not as classic producers, but as creatives who consult and cooperate closely with agencies and clients in developing creative ideas and finding efficient production solutions for every budget.



What differentiates us from classic film productions?
We approach projects from the creative side, with a small and flexible team, own equipment, the modern, flexible and cost-efficient Russian Arm Mini, and full production and post-production services from A to Z.

We deliver high-end results within every budget. We evaluate what needs to be achieved and how we can realize it creatively, then find solutions of how this can be delivered within client’s budget constraints.

We call it: Creative Producing.

The 10 Kosmo Facts


Creative Producing is based on the 10 Kosmo facts for an effective and successful production:


We are a full service production company that serves our clients from concept to final delivery.

Due to compact company structures we guarantee a direct und uncomplicated communication with agency and client, 24/7.

In our skilled team we combine a number of key positions with tremendous international experience:
Executive Producer – Producer – Creative – Production Designer – Director – DoP – Editor – Post Production Supervisor
This results in great client advantage.

We work with flat deals in modular production packages that give client/agency a 100% cost control at any time. No bad surprises after the film is done!

To raise the production value and make use of the best light of the day, we maximize our shooting capacity with 2 teams if necessary. We are able to shoot long and effective production days, due to own equipment and crew.

We work with small teams and compact equipment for faster productions.

At Kosmo, we rely on great international contacts and international production experiences that we have built and gained over the past 20 years.

Over the years, we have locked fix crew members and work with basically the same core team on every production.

Kosmo Films is proud of its modern post production facilities including 2 offline editing suites and a DaVinci online suite. We are able to deliver full post production services with permanent updates of offline edits/online status via upload and fast revision turnarounds.

At Kosmo Films, it is our main goal to make people that work with us and for us happy and satisfied because:

We are convinced that a GOOD PRODUCTION
results in a GREAT FILM!




It’s the love for music, rhythm and the tiny story behind that fires Nina’s creativity and her approach to art. Her work is always inspired by the people and their stories she constantly explores. Coming from a huge, lively family, Nina Gwyn studied Dance and Drama before she hit the film division at Columbia College Hollywood.

To her, there seems to be no difference between any creative job – be it film, music, styling, cooking or writing – it’s all creating. Creating the perfect environment to tell the story that needs to be told.



After graduating from Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles in 1997, Sebastian worked his way up through the ranks of the film industry, gaining experience in camera, lighting, editing and production, already focusing on commercials. In 1998, Sebastian started working as a freelance cinematographer, shooting music videos and numerous commercials for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Nike, Oreo, Mini, Lamborghini and Honda, to name a few.

Since 2009 Sebastian focuses on high-end car commercials and became known for the unique way he lights and shoots cars. His attention to detail and visual style and his passion for cars adds to the quality of his work.