Welcome to Kosmo Films, your One-Stop-Shop for high-end car commercials and branded content.


In 1997, Kosmo Films was founded in Los Angeles by director Nina Gwyn Weiland and DoP Sebastian Weiland as a full service production company with the goal to globally produce high-end imagefilms and commercials. Since 2009, Kosmo Films focuses on high-end content for automotive brands like TVCs, Product Film Assets and Branded Content. Clients we have worked for in the past years: Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Maserati, VW and many more.

At Kosmo Films, we understand ourselves as creatives who consult and cooperate closely with agencies and clients in developing ideas and finding efficient production solutions for every budget. With our new offices in the Black Forest, in the Arts District of Downtown LA and in Berlin, as well as our new team members in Germany and the US, we can handle projects on both continents much more efficiently.



We approach projects from the creative side, with a small and flexible team, own equipment, and in-house post-production services.

We evaluate what needs to be achieved and how we can realize it creatively, then find solutions of how this can be achieved effectively.

Our goal: To deliver high-end commercials for every budget!

We call it: Creative Producing.


Terry Rayment

From his beginnings on the agency side of production as an art director in Chicago, Terry has been prolific in his output. With a sharp visual eye for mood and sequence, Terry’s human-driven style has recently been in demand. He has directed global campaigns for Wolverine, Honda, Cadillac, Jaguar, Dodge, and Ikea as well as the 2016 AICP winning short-form commercial "Understanding" for Kodak.



Sebastian Weiland

After graduating from Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles in 1997, Sebastian started out as a cinematographer, shooting music videos and numerous commercials for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Nike, Oreo, Mini, Lamborghini and Honda. Since 2009, Sebastian focuses on high-end car commercials and became known for the unique way he lights and shoots cars. His attention to detail and visual style and his passion for cars adds to the quality of his work.




Kevin Castanheira is an established commercial director with a diverse range of filmmaking talents - making a name for himself in both the sports film world and the arenas of fashion and music promos. Creating films with a strong sense of style and offering a fresh visual perspective, Castanheira brings a distinctive flare to any project he takes on.



Michael Fitzmaurice

Truly a complete filmmaker, Fitzmaurice successfully transitioned to the director’s chair after time serving as a regarded automotive cinematographer. With his incredible experience and vivid imagination, coupled with his dynamic and technical shooting style and painstaking attention to detail make him one of the most saught after Director-DPs in the world.



Nina Gwyn

It’s the love for music, rhythm and the tiny story behind that fires Nina’s creativity and her approach to art. Her work is always inspired by the people and their stories she constantly explores. Nina Gwyn studied Dance and Drama before she hit the film division at Columbia College Hollywood. To her, there seems to be no difference between any creative job – be it film, music, styling, cooking or writing – it’s all creating. Creating the perfect environment to tell the story that needs to be told.



Matt has worked in film since age 15, and at 21 was Production Designing film and television productions in New Zealand. After achieving success at local Film and TV Awards, Matt joined commercials company Silverscreen Productions as a Director, and was nominated one of the Top 10 New TVC Directors in the world at the Cannes New Directors Showcase. In 2016 Matt wrote and directed his debut feature 'Pork Pie' which was released by Studiocanal in New Zealand and Australia in 2017.




Nina Gwyn Weiland   Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Nina Gwyn Weiland

Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Sebastian Weiland   Executive Producer, Director-DP

Sebastian Weiland

Executive Producer, Director-DP

Gippo Pedrotti   Producer LA Office

Gippo Pedrotti

Producer LA Office

Fred Weiland   Junior Producer

Fred Weiland

Junior Producer